From this page you can order my Had Some Falls album for just £5 and with no extra postage fees. I wrote and recored this album at home in my early twenties and it was pretty much forgotten until Hypertension Music in Germany heard it and gave it an official release in 2018. It’s amazing now to see so many copies of this record being sold. I hope you enjoy it and will keep an ear open for my future releases. 

01 Had Some Falls
02 You Come Alive
10 Has It Always

1. Had Some Falls

2. You Come Alive

3. Wise Man's Fool

4. Sweet July

5. Eye's We Look Through

6. Gone

7. Always Wanting More

8. Home With Us

9. Can't Break This Child In Myself

10. Has It Always

11. Nice To Feel Wanted

Bonus Tracks:

12. The Falseness, The Old Ties

13. A Long Wait For Nothing

14. Hiding In The Lanes 

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